Ink Characters

Vampire Ink Cartoon Illustration Block Colour
Vampire. Ink textures made by hand with bold, block colour added in GIMP.
1920's Gothic Ink Drawing
Silent Movie Queen

White Cat Stripes Stippling Traditional Hand Drawn Art
1920's Gothic

Skull and Cross Bones Comic Art
Ink Character

Cross Hatching and Lines
Moon and Stars and Lightning

Black and White Line Portrait
Sulky Boy Analog Smoking

Fantasy Art Line Drawing
Ectoplasm Ink Illustration

Cross Hatched Sad Clown
Creepy Twins Ink Illustration
Creepy Twins

Sketchy Ink Splatter Face
Sketchy Splatter Face

Crane Print Dress and Long Hair Illustration
Long Haired Character
Sulky Street Style Fashion Illustration
Sulky Street Style

Pretty Punk Black and White Art
Pretty Punk Illustration

Skull Printed Street Style Ink
Skull Printed Street Style

Black Acrylic Ink Stylised Character
Gothic Bohemian Ink Portrait - Inspired by Harry Clarke

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