Monday, 2 September 2019

Outgoing Snail Mail: UK Penpals Wanted

hand made envelope penpal letter
Outgoing snail mail to a UK Penpal.
I always wanted penpals when I was a child. I used to send elaborate letters to my friends, but I don't think they appreciated them. Or if they did, they couldn't possibly match my enthusiasm. When I was younger I was too anxious to reach out and make contact with random people on the internet and give them my address. I think I might have started World War 3 if my parents had seen a letter from a stranger land on the doormat. But I'm not little anymore. I've been enjoying journaling and planning, and following this path through the interwebs has lead me to the penpalling community! What could be more exciting then aesthetically pleasing notes sent to your IG mutuals? To a nerd like me, not much.

penpal supplies stationary addict but make it weird
Assembling supplies and inspirational artefacts

I'm learning more and more how pleasing aesthetics nourish me. I don't use all the supplies, but as a stationary addict, I like to be surrounded and immersed in ink and paper and shiny things.

a pen pal package
These are cuttings  and petals from my garden

I snipped some strawberry leaves, a fever few flower, some lavender, rosemary, a bloom from a head of hydrangea and some sweet pea petals. I parcelled them up. They're like a spell or a wish.

pen pal parcel from my garden
Gorgeous petal pink cotton rag paper, magical by default

Sealing wax with my initial
I have had this red sealing wax since I was about 12. I remember buying it on one of my first trips alone to Brighton. There's an amazing stationers on Sydney Street in the North Laines called Pen to Paper. I'm always delighted it's still there when so many of my favourite shops and cafes have ceased to exist. I have almost never had a reason to use it. I always scold myself on hot wax, but I maintain that it's worth it.

Harry Potter aesthetics. I'm a Ravenclaw if you wanted to know, although I do love Slytherin. Naturally I include feathers and stars.

what to send to your penpal
Here's the final letter.
A drawing from a test print of an old zine, a folded star, sprayed gold, a paper letter and a playlist. A good start.

travel safely

And off it goes! I hope it made the post persons day. And Marta's, of course. I'm so excited to send some more.

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