Monday, 9 September 2019

MANY MOONS a poetry, fiction and photography zine

many moons zine by amy leonard
Many Moons - Poetry, Fiction and Photography Zine

A collection of my original poetry, fiction and photography.

Many Moons features some semi-autobiographical content and themes of grief and loss.

Printed on off white linen paper with a high white 160g cover.

I actually finished this last year, but I had an extreme attack of self-consciousness immediately after finishing it and wondered why I could possibly think it was a good idea to share my highly personal written work.  

a flash fiction story and some photographs

I had completely forgotten about its existence, but I just found it in a box and flipped through it and I didn't hate it. It's emotional and sad, and I think anything that looks like the outward expression of emotion sends me into a tail spin. But I'm fighting through that. And seeing what it's like to be proud of myself and my work instead. I mean, why not? 

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You can find it HERE.

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