Wednesday, 6 February 2019

January Didn't Kill Me

Let's rename January as Misery Season. It's pretty bad, but now February has arrived a feel immense relief. And pride that I survived and didn't just drift off in my chair by the fire and forget to get up again. I love walking outside and I'm lucky that I live in beautiful Sussex in the UK. But the weather makes it a challenge and not worth the effort most of the time. Rains no good because I can't open my book or look at Instagram on a wet phone screen, and then after the rain, the soaked mud is treacherous and not gothic or poetic in anyway. But in the last week of January we had some truly excellent frost which turned the entire world into a magical place. Like proper majestic white glittery frost that even turned the mud-slicked country slide into a solid crunchy place which it was possible to walk on. I had a lovely time and I even heard a woodpecker although I couldn't see it. (I kept imagining what it must be like being a woodlouse and having the lid of your bed smashed off by a bird with a face like a kango hammer. Stressful.) 

 I did notice that walking alone is odd. It's close to being idle, isn't it? So people are suspicious of it. You need justification for walking alone by either having a) a dog with you or b) leisure wear and a sweat on. This makes you look busy, which is socially acceptable. It makes you at least feel like you are no longer potential pray for your local serial killer. (You've got a defender in the form of a hound, or you are strong and can literally run away. Right?) What I learned is that it also makes other peoples dogs look at you like you are nuts. What I mean by this, is that I literally made three canines belonging to three separate people jump off the ground in shock just by arriving along the path. I'm assuming it's because they didn't get the scent of the dog I should have had with me first? Therefore my presence was surprising? Anyway, I didn't know I could be so alarming. Fun facts to learn.

Spiders are metal. Duh.

What lives there??


Sexy Lichen. That's right.

Mostly frozen. And then noisy where it joined the running stream. Majestic AF.

I started to believe in God at this point.

On any other day I would have slipped and broken my neck on this mud, but NOT TODAY! Because it was FROZEN!! The. Best. Ever.

I also took a trip to Brighton this month and visited the Booth Museum. It's an incredible collection of taxidermy, bones and butterflies. Truly spooky, educational and curious. Let's start with the perfect Deaths Head Hawk Moth specimens of DREAMS.

Got to love the Victorian gent who took the time to give us this incredible eye-pecking detail including trickle of nose blood. Thanks for that.

Imagine living in this parlour of unimaginable cruelty and greed. I'm obsessed.

Shout out to you bros donating your bodies to science so I can post them on Instagram.

This supreme crow deserved more then being made to look bashful for all eternity. 

I got a vegan burger that made me emotional in it's epic tastiness. It's 2019 and we only eat avocados and drink craft beer with big V GANG labels on them and witty, quirky brand stories on the packaging. Cool kids used to get high and go to rock shows, but not anymore. 

I also went 1920's decrepit goth for the occasion of the trip which I do not regret. I not only accept my dark circles but I am centering my art, my brand and my entire life around them.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Couples Portraits - Black and White Ink Stylised Portraits

Twin Peaks Fan Art Ink Portrait
Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks

Halloween Costume Portrait Drawing in Ink
Stylised Dotwork Ink Portrait Drawing
Just a little update here to share my excitement at what I've been working on over the last week or so. I'm now offering couples portraits for commission over at my ETSY shop in my signature, unique ink dotwork style. I was so excited to work on Dale Cooper and Audrey from Twin Peaks - an excellent story arc from the show. And I had so much fun working on this couples EXCELLENT Halloween costume of dreams. It's exhilarating learning your original artwork has arrived safely through the mail system, and that both portraits bring some joy to the couple involved, or, as the case may be, that somebodys obsessive fandom is getting some sort of outlet and encouragement. Ha! I'm working on Mulder and Scully next and my inner fangirl is squealing.