Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Brighton Street Style - Fashion Illustration

Last month I was asked to collaborate with Brighton Girl Mag and writer Hermione Berendt of Revival Collective to illustrate the vibrant and diverse street style looks found in the city of Brighton. I was super excited to make some work for the project, as Brighton is so dear to my heart as a safe haven of eccentricity and free self-expression. I can't decide which is my favourite look. Immaculate historical re-enactment of that one scene in a 1960's French film?  Middle-class trust-fund krustie? Cultural appropriation 101?  You can find the fun article written by Hermione HERE. (FYI, She's not spitting up bile like I am.)

Ink Drawing Fashion Illustration
Brighton Street Style - Goth. Hand drawn Fashion Illustration.

Ink Drawing Fashion Illustration
Brighton Street Style - Hippie. Fashion Illustration Ink Drawing.

Vintage Retro Street Style Illustration Ink
Brighton Street Style - Retro. Ink Drawing Illustration.

Ink Drawing Fashion Street Style Illustration
Brighton Street Style - Hip Hop and Street. Ink Line Drawing.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Apocalypso - My December Playlist to Chill Out and Freak Out To

Sometimes you just need a playlist that makes only loose connections and takes you on a daydream. We have a Nick Cave song AND a song featuring Nick Cave because what else is there as December soaks in bleakly beyond that Australian vampire? I'll tell you. King Princess. Who I love, but I'm getting to that age where new pop people are younger than me in a serious way. So I won't say any more on that. We have two of my favourite songs of all time ever: I Never Cared For You by Willie Nelson and The Village by New Order. You must consider these gifts, and I give them to you in good faith, travel onward with them in your pocket and never neglect them. Byeeee!