Saturday, 14 July 2018

New Work

Some new pieces I've been working on, exploring the qualities of ink I like best. It might sound strange, but I find ink crispy and sharp, and I love drawings that do justice to that experience that I have when I'm making ink drawings. The first two ink illustrations here were done after completing a Skillshare class by Tom Froese. I completed the second one first, but wanted to go a bit extra, so redid it, and I love the results with the added yellow touches and the various inky textures. I love the way the textures added at the points of the pen and pencil illustrations seems to make them speak. The class by Mr Froese is only around half an hour long, if I remember correctly, but it has really unlocked some ideas and techniques for me. I opened a skillshare account because it occurred to me that if I keep facing the same blocks and issues, I've got more to learn. I've found it a rich and valuable resource in just a few days of use, and I'm excited to work and develop over the next few weeks. See you soon.