Sunday, 22 April 2018

Artist Open House 2018: Ditchling Trail @NORTH END HOUSE

Olivia Broadbent Smith is an artist and teacher, and she is opening the doors of her family home North End House throughout the weekends in the month of May as part of the Artist Open House Ditchling Trail. There are 18 venues in total taking part in Ditchling this year and I am proud and excited to get the opportunity to take up space in North End House with Olivia, Beth Flynn and Beccy Bloomfield and play my part in this celebration of artistic endeavor. North End House is rich in local history. It was once a Private School and has direct links to the family who founded Ditchling Museum. 

North End House Ditchling Artist Open House
North End House - Ditchling

is the link to the Ditchling Trail on the Artist Open House website, where you can find information about the dozens of artists contributing to the trail in 2018.

Below is the Ditchling Trail book cover with beautiful art work by Ashley Hutchinson of Ashleaf Printmaking and design by Sebastian John Pendley.

Art In Ditchling 2018

This is the page for our venue in the Ditchling Trail book mentioned above. A selection of works including images from host Olivia Broadbent Smith @OliviaMarjorieBeth Flynn @BethFlynnArtwork and Beccy Bloomfield. As well as little old me.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the work I've made for the show:

artist open house foliate head

foliate head mixed media amy leonard creative

amy leonard creative may queen drawing

Ditchling has an old fair tradition, although they hold it in June and select a Fair Queen then, the tradition of a May Queen and procession has a deep root, and I was inspired by the themes of Beltane and the image of the May Queen and Green Men that persist within folk traditions across the UK. Foliate heads can be found across the world, and what I find most interesting about them is that they have no single concrete origin or meaning, but are instead generally evocative of the relationship between man and nature, a lost pagan history, and the hope in the rebirth of spring.

I'm kicking into high gear in terms of preparation as there's only a week or so left before we have to put the show up! It's nerve-wracking, exciting, but most of all an astounding privilege. I can't wait.

Coloured Inks

A foray into colour, but still dark. Something really tasty about a white gelly pen over a textured background as well.

Amy Leonard Creative Milagros

Blue Ink Amy Leonard Creative