Monday, 29 January 2018

A Wintry Sunday Walk on the South Downs

My little family and I went on a gloriously gloomy walk up at Chailey Common, Sussex. We saw lots of burrows and mole hills and an excellent man-made hide, and we walked through the kind of mud that squelches and tries to claim you. I find it inspiring to find life blooming in places, even in deepest winter. *Joy Division plays.*

Amy Leonard Boots
It will take me approx. four weeks to even get round to maybe starting the process of cleaning them.

If you think I resisted singing Wuthering Heights, you do not know me at all.

Blooming shrooms that look like pencil shavings. Also, the moss seemed neon IRL.

I bet there's an app for tree identification.

Such delicate flowers in the sunshine-iest yellow, and yet those black spikes were such utter bastards.

Quite a big'un. Definitely been googling what animal it might have belonged to. Might tweet Chris Packham as I'm still not sure.

Withered ferns. Still poppin'.

He *insists* I walk at least three meteres behind him and never speak unless directly addressed.


Trying to imagine a happy family, or maybe some scouts making this, and not a serial killer.

Would a real photographer have flicked off the rabbit poo?

So that was Sunday. Managed an enormous veggie roast as well, but did conk out at about 8PM. Why don't humans hibernate? Where is the crowd-funded petition for 7 and a half months of uninterrupted sleep? Links in the comment section, guys.