Monday, 18 September 2017

Harriet the Spy - Little Girls in Literature

Here are some illustrations I made depicting my favourite children's book heroine, Harriet the Spy. Harriet the Spy is considered an all-time classic book and was written by Louise Fitzhugh in 1964. Harriet is kind of an eccentric, determined to be a writer, and obsessive about it in that way that only children can be. She's privileged but lonely. She's growing up and it's time for her nanny Ol' Golly to leave her. This happens just when her friends discover her notebook and the secret insights she's made about them and their lives - all of these observations are hilarious, but Harriet is learning that sometimes the truth hurts. She has to work out how to survive all on her own getting revenge on those that stand in opposition to her, but also winning her friends back.  I'm working on a series called #littlegirlsinliterature and I had to start with my personal favourite, Harriet M. Welsh. I spent a few weeks only eating tomato sandwiches for school lunch when the Nickelodeon movie came out. Part of me is still dedicated.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

My week in INK. (Nightmares, Money and Harriet the Spy )

Some ink illustrations. Made with brushes, a dip pen, a toothbrush and my knew toy: a calligraphy brush. I love this dioxazine purple matched against the vivid lime green. These acrylic inks made by Liquitex are so pigmented and punchy. Nothing can touch their carbon black, though. I guess part of me is some kind of purist, cherishing just black ink on white paper.

I've been making some quite dark images lately, based on nightmares and money.

David Lynch Inspired Ink Work
Happening. Obviously some Lynch thing.

Who remembers Paris Hilton's 21st birthday look from 2001? Killer. I said this on Twitter, but my favourite thing about her look that night is that every one around her is dressed in a way that is totally generic, normal and ordinary.

Got time for that Marilyn Manson face top left. I was obsessed with his watercolour and absinthe paintings he was making in the middle 2000's.

A self portrait that I intended to use as my icon online.

These following pieces (below) are Harriet the Spy fan art. I've been working on a series of illustrations about Little Girls in Literature for some time, but I've been miserable about all the images I've produced so far. The approach wasn't quite right. I've been watching a lot of Ralph Steadman interviews for guidance lately. He asserts that there is no way of getting an illustration style, and that you need to do less thinking and more drawing. Every time I remember that, I'm happier with my work. I hate doing pencil sketches underneath my ink, because I find it slows down my lines and stifles some of the magic. Working without pencil sketches has really given my work more movement and spirit.