Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Potter Week Prompts - Celebrating Harry Potter Day

Harry Potter day is July 31st - to coincide with Harry's birthday. Taryn Knight designed these prompts as a countdown and celebration of Harry Potter day. I thought I'd play along as I may be a grown ass woman, but I'm not over Harry Potter. I wanted my illustrations to be magical and maybe look like they'd been made scratched out with a quill.

#PotterWeekPrompts Day 1. Best Friends. I chose to depict Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown. I'd want to be in their gang, sitting up in Professor Trelawney's tower.

#PotterWeekPrompts Day 2. Must be a Weasley. The full quote is "Red hair? And  a hand-me-down robe? Must be a Weasley" and Draco Malfoy says it to Ron. Imagine if Ron had long hair? Wouldn't it just change everything?

#PotterWeekPrompts Day 3. House Colours. Over on Pottermore I was sorted into Ravenclaw. And I would definitely feel at home in the Ravenclaw common room, daydreaming out of the high arched windows with all the other bookish eccentrics.

#PotterWeekPrompts Day 4. Misunderstood. Luna Lovegood, with her "definite aura of dottiness" has always been relateable.

#PotterWeekPrompts Day 5. Flora and Fauna. This is Wolfsbane. A real/muggle world flower, also known as Monks Hood, Aconite or Queen of Poisons. A complex potion can be made with it to contain the symptoms of lycanthropy, although not cure it. Concoction must be careful as it is incredibly poisonous. In myth, it is said the Goddess Hecate invented it, and Athena used it to tranfsorm Arachne into a spider.

#PotterWeekPrompts Day 6. Parental Figure. I chose Sirius Black. Harry was robbed. I still remember reading that tragic moment in Order of the Phoenix, and LOSING MY MIND. Momentous.
And I do think casting Gary Oldman was completely genius. This guy has played Dracula, Sid Vicious, Norman Stansfield in Leon... He's perfect. But his costume and look...? I always imagined him entirely differently.

#PotterWeekPromtps Day 7. "Yer a wizard, Harry". I imagine Hagrid more ferocious and wild looking then the garden-gnome vibe they gave to Robbie Coltrane in the film. Not that he's not epic.

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