Monday, 14 August 2017

Paper Flowers - 3D Illustration

Lately I've been trying to find original ways of working in my favourite medium - ink. I completed the #PotterWeekPrompts at the end of July (find it here) and worked entirely in ink making fairly traditional line drawings with a dip pen, but with added inky splashes and washed areas. One of the prompts for Potter Week was flora and fauna, and I really enjoyed rendering an image of the poisonous flower Wolfsbane for this. I've been looking at different ways artists work with nature and florals, to work out if there's an original way of showing the universal imagery of the natural world. That's when I had the idea to work in 3D to make paper flowers and butterfly wings. Paper flowers have a long tradition, and you can find beautiful, botanically correct flowers made by crafters and artists out of delicate crepe paper. I loved the colours, but I wanted to make something more illustrative and fantastical. I've been experimenting with regular sketch paper, and layering pieces over flat drawings. And I've also invested in heavy cotton rag paper and created texture with ink and acrylic paints together. I like the crunchy mixed media look, and I love the contrast between the harmless and pretty with the bold and dark. What do you think? Find me on Instagram and Twitter and let me know.

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